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RenoEco Modernisations is a company from the Gatineau-Ottawa region, in the field of renovations. Kitchen, bathroom, new floors, interior finish is what we offer to change your house. Our mission is to offer customers impeccable quality, satisfaction with the project for years to come.


 We specialize in the work of refreshments and modernisation of all kinds. This method is less expensive, so more savings for you. Kitchen door replacement, cabinets resurfacing, floors, we believe there is always a way to give a new look  without tearing everything off.


 Our distinction stands out in the choice of materials. Surrounded by reliable and dedicated partners and suppliers, the quality is in priority when it comes to your renovations. RenoEco stands out for every customer and respecting your deadlines and environment is paramount.




We start with a budget analysis to be expected, following a measurement at home. It is important to indicate your needs: kitchen ergonomics, colors, styles/model, etc.

A meeting at the store will be expected following the measurement to see the materials

From there, we work with the budget planning of your renovations to offer you choices that suit you.

Send us an estimate of your kitchen by email for a quick quote service

Visualization of your 3D kitchen. 
On request / consultation

It only remains to finalize the small details of your renovations. The designers will know how to fill styles and innovations in your kitchen.

The manufacturing and installation of the products will follow this step

After the approval of the analysis of your needs, we set a date that suits you for the installation of your products.

Our qualified and experienced experts are able to offer the precision and thoroughness that your renovations deserve, for a kitchen, bathroom, floor or other requests.


Modern Kitchen

Our goal is to offer you a unique service, with complete satisfaction

We believe that every client at RénoÉco is of the utmost importance. We are attentive to your needs, and we have a wide range of materials to meet your budget. Designer service available to better guide you through your projects

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