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New renovation or Resurfacing?

When we talk about resurfacing/refreshing, we are also talking about economy and ecology. This method, which is gaining in popularity, is eco-responsible, thanks to its concept of taking over existing cabinets.

Instead of redoing everything all over again, relining your cabinets and cupboards helps you save big on the price of new. So more money for more renovation.

Addition of neon molding, O'gee molding, new drawers, several options are available to add additional touches.

With a resurfacing renovation, you have immense choices for rejuvenating your kitchen. You replace and cover with more elegant or modern materials than what you currently have, which increases the value of your fireplace at the same time. It's all about quality materials.

It is also possible to restore your wooden cabinets. New coat of varnish, lacquer or kitchen paint.

The goal of RénoÉco is to offer you the services worthy of your needs.

So, if your kitchen is not functional in its location, a new kitchen will be perfect for you. There are suppliers who can offer new kitchens without going over budget. With a new kitchen, the designer conceptualizes the kitchen of your dreams, quite simply. Organizational change, question of ergonomics, everything will be put to the advantage of the client. Make the comparison, and get information from us

RenoEco Gatineau - Ottawa


Philippe Duval When it's time for renovations, it's time to stop and do some homework. Whether the needs are small or large, RénoÉco offers advice to help you make informed and professional decisions.

You decide!!


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